At Essex Green Shoots, we never kill bees unless it is absolutely necessary. We safely remove a nest and relocate it within a hive in order that the bee population is preserved. We do this by locating and removing the queen bee - the others then follow. 


Essex Green Shoots is a family run independent company with a passion for fast effective support for any of your pest and vermin control needs. We are based in Wix, providing pest control in Essex and the surrounding areas. We have over 20 years experience in pest control in Essex. We pride ourselves on providing specialist pest control solutions and bespoke after care service. Not only can we eliminate pests quickly and humanely, prevent their return, or protect your property against their arrival in the first place. Our professional experts can quickly identify the nature of your problem and know the best solution for your particular species.  
We work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that our solutions are all compliant with the latest legislation and are environmentally friendly. We only use pest control solutions that comply with worldwide Integrated Pest Management techniques, designed not to interfere with the local ecology. 


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