Problems Caused By Wasps & Hornets - Generally, wasps, hornets and bees do not pose a major threat to your property. However, their stings are nasty, many people are allergic to them... 

Problems Caused By Rodents 

Rodents, rats in particular, do spread diseases. Rodents are continually searching for food and will invade buildings, gnawing their way into the tiniest of spaces in their search. Their droppings spread diseases and pathogens such as Veils disease, typhus, rat-bite fever, and in times gone by, the Bubonic Plague. Rats also carry disease spreading parasites and are responsible for the spread of salmonella and ringworm. 
Not only this, the damage to property caused by gnawing rodents can be enormous. Cupboards, cables, packaging and bins frequently bear the brunt of the teeth damage. Rats tend to use the same access routes, known as "rat runs" and these can become smeared and infested with droppings and urine crystals. 

Rodent Species Identification 

There are 15 different species of rodent resident in the UK including squirrels, rats, mice, dormouse and voles. Essex Green Shoots pest and vermin control can protect your property against any of these and we specialise in the three most common pests.  
The other 12 species do not cause any major problems to man, although they can be a nuisance. 
Rat Removal Colchester - Problems Caused By Mammals 
Not only do foxes pose a threat to farm wildlife such as chickens and newborn lambs, they are also a risk to humans and their pets. Foxes can carry diseases such as mange and scabies, which are potentially fatal to dogs. 
Moles and squirrels are pests due to the structural damage they cause. Molehills cause tremendous damage to lawns, other grassy areas, soil, drainage systems and farm machinery. Squirrels can gnaw their way into your loft area, damaging cables, insulation and joists, not to mention anything that is stored there. 
Rabbits cause millions of pounds of damage every year to crops, flowers, gardens and can undermine the structural safety of a building with their warrens. 

Colchester Rodent Control 

Mammal Identification 
There are many species and sub-species of mammal resident in the UK countryside, with the Red Fox, European Mole, Common Rabbit and Grey Squirrel the most common. 
Rodent Control Colchester - Problems Caused By Birds 
Pigeons are pests as they spread diseases including salmonella and ornithosis. High density bird populations are attractive to insects, which in turn carry further risk of disease. But the main threat from feral pigeons is the damage to property. Acid droppings can corrode cars and buildings, while pigeon droppings around building entrances and alleyways can become slippery. Pigeons have also been known to attack people during the breeding season. 
Feral Pigeons and Product Identification 
The most common species of pigeon in the UK are the wood pigeon and feral pigeon. Wood pigeons tend to live in rural areas and are not really considered a nuisance, whereas town dwelling feral pigeons can cause extensive and expensive 


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